FF config entries CT2645238

By billyellis
Dec 3, 2010
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  1. I was updating FF today and when I went into about:config to re-block automatic installation of extensions, I noticed ~ 70 bolded entries at the top of the list that have never been there before, all starting with CT2645238.

    I also updated my free ZA firewall recently, and I know it installed a browser toolbar, so it may just be that. But none of these entries has anything that might make me think ZA, and I can find very little on "CT2645238" on the web.

    Has anyone else had seen these entries and heard/experienced anything negative? Usually if something is legit you can find many web sites with a mention of it being related to a new firewall update, etc. But the only entries that come up seem to be virus-related posts in French, so I am a little nervous...


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