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By Darth Buss
Mar 28, 2008
  1. Hello
    I tried to create a new partition on my HD using Paragon partitionmanager. My machine resarted and Paragon Partitionmanager went on to do a lot of stuff like moving files and stuff. I got nervous becurse i didnt quite know what i was doing and the proces said it would take like 9 hours. Then i aborted the proces.
    The result was that the files were currupted on one of my partitions.
    I did a system recovery (i dont know if thats the right name since i am using XP in Danish), you know where you recreate the system as it was on a prior date, from within the systemtools of windows, and on restart it indexed and recreated a lot of files.
    That took care of half the problem and some files are now accesseble to me, however a lot of files are still showing as corrupted and windows can not acces them.
    Is there a way to rescue the data or am i just f%ยค#ed?

    Thanks in advance.
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