Firewire 800

By jg0001
Jun 13, 2005
  1. Does ANYONE have success with Firewire 800 on a PC? I had (and since removed) a firewire 800 card add-in on my older PC (won't bother w/ details) and NOW have a firewire 800 port on my ASUS mobo. I noticed they both use the ubCore software drivers, which worries me as I never managed to get it to work with an external drive enclosure (though fw400 worked).

    Can anyone recommend an external enclosure that they KNOW works (from experience) with a newer ASUS mobo with Firewire 800 support using ubCore drivers? I'm hoping it's just the external enclosures that are my problem and not something else. Sometimes I can SEE devices attached via the ubCore proggy but nothing seems to happen. I switch to USB and the harddrive is instantly recognized and assigned a letter.

    Thanks again.
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