First Windows 7 service pack coming in Q4 2010?

By Jos
Mar 9, 2010
  1. levar

    levar TS Rookie Posts: 229

    good question but there are issues with 7 especially with compatibility and as stated above the 64-bit version, can't really think of anything now but there are problem with 7 may not seem that way which is good, it doesn't have as much issues like XP and Vista but its not perfect either. 7 is a very solid system though never used anything better, there's still MAC OSX I need to personally use but until that time comes I'm all Windows.
  2. bcnu147

    bcnu147 TS Rookie

    As I understand it, MS releases their operating systems before they have truly tested them...they let the public suffer the consequences.
  3. captaincranky

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    Well, not to defend M$ more than I have to, in some cases an OS needs to be widespread in the field before it'd determined what will go wrong.

    But, there's probably a bit of truth in what you say, especially with respect to "Millenium Edition", and "Vista".

    XP was a work in progress at release, but it continues to be quite popular, and serve admirably.

    What M$ deals with is software compatibility. Mac controls, and in fact writes most of the software for their OS, so if they do something wrong, they'll only have themselves to blame. And we all, know that Steve Jobs won't have that. The fact, is in this regard, Apple does way more to stifle competition than mean old M$.

    It's easy to put out a single line of BS, it's just more difficult to qualify it as nothing more than opinion.

    That said, this is the op-ed portion of the show, knock yourself out.
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