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By rev_olie
Feb 17, 2007
  1. Yo

    i have been having loads of problems with videos in the past week. They just wont play. It says on you tube for example about scripts being off and about flashplayer. So i tunred the scrips on wich they were in the first place and then downloaded the new flash player. It downloaded with the free yahoo toolbar (lucky me) and the came up wthout any security warnings or anyhing instalation complete, in the good old adobe style (eg the animation at the top) but there is still no difference. So now i am pretty sure that it is flash player as it takes about a minute to download and intall and here sems to be no difference after i restart. Please help me sort it out wether it is flash player or not

  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Try another (proper) web browser?

    Also, type about:plugins in the address bar and see what version flash player the browser is using.
  3. Tmagic650

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    Download the Adobe Flash uninstaller, and uninstall Flash that way. Then try reinstalling Flash. Make sure your system is fully updated using Microsoft Update
  4. rev_olie

    rev_olie TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 560

    i see you probably perfer fire fox then :D. Thanks also Tmagic650 as i didnt know there was an uninstaller and it has solved my problem thanks alot.
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