Flight sim 2002 no explosions

By ptitterington
Oct 9, 2002
  1. I have just bought 2002pro and its all pretty nice, having to go to school and learn to fly.

    My only gripe is that on the previous one I had 1998 when you crashed you really crashed.

    now you just bounce off the ground or go through the trees and buildings.

    Is there a patch to put all the realism back. Its just nice to know when you have messed up.
  2. SleeperDC

    SleeperDC TS Rookie Posts: 184

    maybe they don't want you to "sim" the 911. ;)

    sorry i don't play flight sim, so i know nothing about it.
  3. ESRA

    ESRA TS Rookie

    I noticed exactly the same.

    I think that I read that after that crash earlier this year microsoft altered the sim to stop the terrorists from using it to practice flying into buildings. I really dont understand eithre why the took the crash part away as it was the learning to fly bit that was a problem.
    It was probabley just too bad taste.:(

    you should get a fighter sim if you like to crash anyway.
  4. ptitterington

    ptitterington TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 255

    I dont like to crash I just like to know the difference from a bad landing and a bad landing that wrecks the plane.

    and it was september last year
  5. deskjet390

    deskjet390 TS Rookie

    ok yo fix this problem by going into the settings
    i know its kinda stupid but some people dont like the crashes so they are turned off by de-fault
    at least this is what i think......i have flight sim 2002 but havent played it in a while:p
  6. ptitterington

    ptitterington TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 255

    I tried that, It is not spectacular but it does let you know when the aircraft is overstressed and gives half hearted crashes. I still preferred the old crash and burn.:D
  7. Spyke

    Spyke TS Rookie Posts: 47

    Hi there. There is a download to put real damage effects into the planes, but I cant remember exactly where it is. Try searching the
    Fs2002 downloads at ; It should be there somewhere!

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