Forsa - Scams?

By Maximus
Jan 6, 2009
  1. Ok, so I bought an old card for cheap to play Doom 3, Half Life 2, Far Cry...etc. Its a Forsa Geforce 6600 "GT" 512M DDR2. Now, after installing coolbits, I proceeded to overclock and maybe get a little more fps out of it, and to my surprise the Core Clock is 350Mhz and the memory is 530Mhz.

    I thought 6600 GTs had 500Mhz clock speeds, what is this garbage? As for the memory, I initially thought it was nVidia's control panel, showing the clock without effective DDR speed, but then I checked in RivaTuner and found this:

    NVIDIA specific display adapter information
    $ffffffffff ----------------------------------------------------------------
    $0100000000 Graphics core : NV43 revision A4 (8pp,3vp)
    $0100000001 Hardwired ID : 0141 (ROM strapped to 0140)
    $0100000002 Memory bus : 128-bit
    $0100000003 Memory type : DDR2 (RAM configuration 02)
    $0100000004 Memory amount : 524288KB
    $0100000005 Core clock : 351.000MHz
    $0100000006 Memory clock : 315.563MHz (631.125MHz effective)
    $0100000007 Reference clock : 27.000MHz
    $010000000b HW masked units : none

    Uhhh, a 631Mhz Memory clock? That's overclocked too. I just wanted to get someone elses opinion on this. Could this be true? Did I get ripped off?

    Oh btw, I'm using the 81.98 Forceware XP Drivers.
  2. Maximus

    Maximus TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 60

    It appears my fears are confirmed, this is indeed a regular 6600 with merely the name of a GT. Please excuse my double post people, however I just wanted to warn everyone to stay away from Forsa, as not only do they underclock their cards, but attempt in selling them as something else as well.

    If you want to avoid this problem with anything else, as many of you already know, do your research before buying something.

    Again I apologize for double posting.
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