freeze before boot

By Silver
Apr 1, 2004
  1. Ok i'll make this simple
    1. I start the computer.
    2. It does the memory check
    3. it freeze right after that
    4. keyboard doesn't respond
    5. if i push keyboard before or during memory check its calls keyboard error and freeze, always after memory check.
    6. I change the hard drive. does nothing after memory check.
    7. I change memory (SDRAM). does nothing after memory check.
    8. I remove Cmos battery for 24hrs and put in a new battery. didn't change a thing.
    9. Cleared CMOS with the pin thing. did nothing for the computer.
    10. Can't enter CMOS cause freeze before i get a chance.
    11. USB keyboard. see number 5
    12. Forget floppy or CD since it freeze before that and you know after memory check usally computers check hard drives, floppy and cd-rom for their name then start booting up in their repected order but mine doesn't even get to that thats y i change cd-rom, hard drive and floppy but nothing change.

    Processor: pentium 2 266MHz
    Motherboard: intel
    Memory: 256mb
    Cooling: a fan
    Videocard: ati agp 2mb
    Soundcard/Speakers: Opti
    Hard Disk: 3.4 gig
    CD-rom: 48x cd-rom
    Case tower/desktop

    so i'm out of ideas can you please help me. :confused:
  2. OS samurai

    OS samurai TS Rookie Posts: 193

    do you get any beep sounds from your system? if so how many?
  3. Silver

    Silver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no beeps nothing.
    I forgot to mention that there are no sounds and the light that shows when the computer is using the CPU is always ON
  4. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,212

    How long have you had this system? Also, have you just started using the USB keyboard? If so, can you connect a normal keyboard to see if you get the same results?
  5. Silver

    Silver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i think the base model 6 years but change some parts over time and normal keyboard or USB nothing change
    most recently the memory but the memory is ok cause i can place other same type memory in the slot and he aknowkledge the switch.
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