Frequent BSOD's for several reasons, I have minidump info but i dont understand it

By bwefc1878
Mar 12, 2011
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  1. I recently purchased a new PC and from day one it BSOD'd frequently for several different reasons such as 'bad pool header' and 'PNF_list_corrupt' i took it back for repair and they gave me it back telling me it was fixed despite it still BSODing, they are clearly clueless and I would be extremely helpful if i could have some help please?
  2. bwefc1878

    bwefc1878 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more info

    this is a small amount of the minidump information, i have already tried a RAM test, a full disk scan (CHCK disk) and a check of the DIM cards. The problem seems to change each time it blue screens

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  3. Route44

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    Okay, first what did they said they repaired?

    Second, though the minidumps only cited Windows OS drivers (too general for diagnostic help) the fact that of the five there were four different error codes and in light of your symptoms I am leaning to either corrupted memory or the voltage of your memory was not set correctly via your motherboard.

    In your next post Zip another five minidumps and attach.
  4. bwefc1878

    bwefc1878 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more minidump

    they didnt say what they had fixed although they said they thought it may have been a problem with the OS and so reinstalled it and gave me a win7 backup disk so I dont think they did much.

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  5. Route44

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    I found what we needed. But I don't know how much I would trust these guys because it sounds to me like they don't have a clue.

    The single most important minidump read was error code 0x4E: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and this code is probably the strongest indicator of corrupted memory.

    This dump specifically cited corrupted memory as the issue.

    *** Take that system back with the information that your dumps were read and memory corruption was cited as the cause. Don't let them try to get you to replace said memory with your own cash.
  6. bwefc1878

    bwefc1878 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you :)

    I will take it back and make sure they replace the memory if that is definitely the cause, the company is Aria PC in case u ever need it for future problems, Thanks for the help :D
  7. bwefc1878

    bwefc1878 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    is it just the RAM? or are there any other problems
  8. Route44

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    The memory was the only thing specifically cited. Here is the thing about bad RAM: It will have the tendency to have the system throw out all kinds of errors and citing different causes/drivers but the bottom line is it is corrupted memory.

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