Frequent CTDs/BSODs while gaming

By asaguda
Nov 30, 2008
  1. Right, I've been all over the internet with this one. I'm getting frequent CTDs and/or BSODs while gaming- CTDs being the kind that just shut the game off without any pattern or warning or error dialogue.
    Note: BSOD problem might or might not be fixed, haven't had any since the last solution I tried.

    I bought a new gaming rig in August, I think. Most of the hardware is good enough, only thing not being good would probably be the GF8800GT, as it's a budget card today.. But other than that, yes, I can run the newest games at medium-high graphics (Specs in drop-down list in the upper-right). The problem I'm having is that most games crashes to desktop often, or give me bluescreens. Newer games, especially. Bluescreens, as mentioned, might be fixed as I haven't had any in a while, but CTDs. How do I troubleshoot them? And what could be causing them?

    Is it just my quadcore being the issue? Left 4 Dead is one of the few games that run longer the less cores I let it run on, but the demo fix of restricting it to one core doesn't stop it from crashing now that it's a full game, for some reason.

    EDIT: Turns out that my computer seems to hate antialiasing, and in some cases, turning that off makes the game run indefinately. I hate technology now.
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