Full screen video won't play but normal mode will

By Buddha50
Jul 24, 2008
  1. hey out there i am having a little problem my laptop will play video clips like youtube clips in normal mode( when i say normal i mean when it is not in full screen mode.) but when i open full screen mode for the clip it will play for a few seconds then stop and revert back to normal mode. Ummm? could it be a driver. though i did update my drivers. But that didnt work and i rolled them back, and did a system restore to see if i could just get it to work normally. no luck. any help would be appreciated guys.

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  3. raybay

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    Memory issue. Video graphics settings in Display will show the capacity in resolution. You likely do not have enough resources in your laptop to do the full screen at a readable resolution.
  4. Buddha50

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    i am also getting a error saying display driver stopped responding and has recovered
    display driver r300 stopped responding and has succesfully recovered. yes i have updated the driver.
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    I had that same problem for over a month and I finally fixed it. What I did was change my display setting. Colors was Highest 32 bit, and I changed it to Medium 16 bit. I never had that problem again so far and it's been a week now.
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