FWIW - RocketStream & File Transfer Acceleration

By Savage1701
Jul 26, 2008
  1. Just an FWIW - I was looking for ways to speed up my GB ethernet for doing transfers of large DV files and backup files. I was getting about 160 Mbps, or 20 MBps doing drag&drop over the network drive letters, using Vice Versa, etc. I tried port aggregation, jumbo frames, you name it. Not much help at all.

    I then demo'd RockeStream software. I was consistently getting 600+ Mbps transfers between client and server. I could push it up into the 800's but frequently flooded the network. 700 Mbps seemed to be the max. Anyone looking to speed up transfers of large, single files, this is something to look at. It's a little quirky, and pricey, but worth a look. The only thing I did not find improvements on was sending, say, a 10GB folder of 8000 assorted files. It did not help much there. But large, single files, wow !
  2. jobeard

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    The practical limit for all ethernet is 70-73% of the rated speed or 70% X 1gig = 700Mbps :)

    This occurs because the architecture allows a SEND without regard to what is occuring
    on the line which creates packet collisions which must then be retried.
  3. Savage1701

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    thanks for the further info. That certainly correlates with the max my system could handle before it flooded.
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