Gaming Related Connecting Issues

By SonicShock
Aug 29, 2009
  1. I run Windows XP, 1 gig ram, my ISP is Telus (Canada).

    I have been using a gaming client (Garena) for a long period of time. Recently, the application has been acting sporadically, not allowing me to connect like I used to be able to. When I try loading it up, it gives me an "IP Looking Up" error.

    I've tried a full reinstall (removing program, deleting program files and cleaning up Garena registry components). The problem also still occurs when I connect directly from my computer to the modem.

    However, the application has no problems connecting on my laptop. My Windows Firewall is not on, and the ports that the application uses are forwarded properly.

    Also, when I restart my computer, the application will allow me to connect normally, but after about 5 minutes, the application crashes and I am unable to connect after that without restarting again.

    This problem has also began impairing my connection for other gaming-related programs, but the game itself is running fine.

    If you would like me to include any extra details, feel free to ask.

    Thanks in advance!
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