Gateway ML6720 problem

By ArtVandalay7
Apr 16, 2008
  1. Hello-I have a complicated problem I need to solve. Basically, the 10gig "C:" partition has become too full and has caused some things to not function correctly (e.g. updates). So...I tried to move some folders/files to the larger "D:" partition, including the software folder for my camera (to upload pictures, etc.). But, then my camera software didn't function I tried to uninstall the program using control panel, thinking I could reinstall it on the "D: partition using the original software cd. But, when I try to uninstall a few of the associated programs, a message such as "uninst.exe could not load c:\program files\canon\zoombrowserex\program\mvwuninst.ini" appears. When I try to install the cd software on the bigger "d" partition, it now doesn't work...HELP! I have the gparted image file I have been told I can use to repartition the drive but I'm nervous to do that without backing up my data first with an external hard drive...
  2. kimsland

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    You are right to be nervous, do not play with partitions unless backed up first.

    Can you copy the camera's program folder back?

    By the way, you cannot move programs, using this way (as you now know !)
  3. ArtVandalay7

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    I tried to copy it back...didn't work since there is virtually no more room on c: (trying disk check and defragmentation to try to free up more room since I try to put everything on the larger d: drive. I have been on the phone to Canon trying to reinstall the software, we even manually deleted everything from the registry before trying to install it on the d: partition with no luck...
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