Gateway Vista PC won't start up

By laurajm
Jan 8, 2008
  1. My husband and I have a Gateway PC that came with Vista Home Premium. We've had it just about a year. For Christmas he got a new graphics card (it's a GEforce 8600), and installed a new power supply (600 watt). He used the remote that came with the PC to put the PC to sleep the other night. When I went to wake it up the next day, the monitor wouldn't work. It doesn't sound like the hard drive is processing, and no signal is showing up on our TV (which is set to display what's on the monitor). I turned off the computer after cutting the power to the monitor didn't reset it (that worked last time it did this), waited 15 minutes and pushed the power button to restart it. it did two (what I call) 'false starts,' where the fan comes on, the lights inside blink a couple of times and then it shuts off again - but it restarted by itself. After that the fan turned on (in the PC and on the power supply), and the lights are on on the disk drives and the motherboard, but the monitor isn't getting any signal, and the hard drive doesn't sound like it's processing anything. I left it doing that for half an hour, but Vista never loaded (no BIOS screen or anything), and it's not sending signal to the TV or monitor. What's our problem?
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