GeForce 6200 Tv-Out (S-video) = Black&White

By Whaffel
Nov 25, 2006
  1. Hey!

    I know this have been posted everywhere before, and I've checked almost all forums online :p

    Got a 5 meter (dont know how much in feet) long s-video cable + scart adapter. tested them out on another comp. works fine.
    Tryed all the different formats in NTSC, Pal.
    Some people changed the settings from NTSC to Pal i the BIOS settings and it worked out nicely, but I have no such settings in my BIOS.
    I know my TV supports s-video>scart.

    Anyone have any idèa at all what I can do to fix this?
  2. javakins

    javakins TS Rookie

    It does sound like an NTSC/PAL system issue - maybe your TV takes one but not the other? But it sounds like you're pretty sure that both computer and TV are on the same format.

    Perhaps one thing to do is to check that all the pins on the output of your card are still intact? I've seen VGA-outs with one missing pin causing everything on the monitor to appear green.
  3. Whaffel

    Whaffel TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yeah.. but the thing is, I tryed with my older card, Radeon 9600 XT, and I have the same problem. So i really can't figure this out..
    It's just so weird that it works with my friends laptop on that TV.
    And I've tryed every Pal, NTSC system..

    It could be something with the BIOS. Cause it's black & white from the bootup too. I know it's not the card..

    I usally figure things out. But this one is hard :p It's eating me alive...
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