GeForce 8500GT video card compatibility

By jvntt3
Jul 19, 2010
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  1. can i install 2 geforce 8500 gt video cards i have two that splice together with an nvidia SLI the problem is that on my motherboard I only have 1 place to install a video card unless i'm not seeing the other please if any one knows how please include details on how to install or a website that has the information on how to install video cards
  2. mailpup

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    If you don't see the second PCI-E x16 graphics card slot, then the motherboard doesn't support SLI. You'll have to get another motherboard that does.
  3. captaincranky

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    Only very high priced motherboards come with 2 PCI-E X16 slots for crossfire (ATI) or SLI (Nvidia).

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but 2 8500GT cards are a massive waste of time, effort and electricity. One 8800GT has almost double the bandwidth of that setup. In fact, a single 8600GT will probably come close to outperforming it also.
  4. hellokitty[hk]

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    I think a single 8600gt does outperform two 8500gt's.
    IMO 8000 series sucks aside from that lucky 8800.
  5. Technochicken

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    Did they even make 8500's with SLI connectors? Mine doesn't have one, and I'm not sure why any manufacturers would have bothered to do so, other than as a marketing ploy.

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