Geforce FX5200 - screen has yellow tint

By Eldavidos
Jun 28, 2005
  1. Hello

    I've just got myself a Geforce Fx5200 and after installing it, everything is now tinted yellow. My computer is an AMD(64) 3000 with 512RAM and an onboard SIS Mirage 2 graphics card that I have disabled. Has anyone encountered this with the Geforce FX and is there a workaround?

    Is the card faulty?

    Any suggestions would be more than welcome.


  2. Eldavidos

    Eldavidos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Should I replace it... and if so

    What with?

    anyone got any recommendations for better graphics cards?
  3. weldermans

    weldermans TS Rookie


    hi there i have just managed to get my fx5200 geforce to work i will do my best to explain how i got it to work properly.go into device manager to adapters diplay and and right click on your onboard graphics uninstall them dont let it reboot click no to that then left click on onboard and go to the bottom and disable onboard there aswell turn your computer off then turn it back go into bios and make sure it is reading the right card slot mine was pci so i turned that on and enabled the pallette snoop in pci configs saved settings then let it boot up and it worked to good.hope i was of some help the graphic card is a good one better than what i had with onboard graphics.cheers weldermans
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