GeForce4 but no sound!!!

By Chucklehead
Jun 26, 2002
  1. I just bought a geforce4 MX420 video card and installed, and the video is working fine, but i have no sound........i'm using Windows ME, pIII with onboard sound.......i'm pretty new to this aspect of comps, so i'm not sure if i would need to add a sound card or not.......i've done some searching online and it seems a lot of people are using onboard sound with a seperate video card......and advice would be greatly appreciated.......
  2. StormBringer

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    When you disabled your onboard video, did you accidentally disable the sound as well. I know it isn't likely but I have seen it happen before. Check the BIOS to make sure.
  3. SNGX1275

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    I can't directly help you with your problem of missing sound. But I can assure you that you do not need to buy a sound card. Only time you would need to buy a sound card is if yours actually fried. But chances of that happening when you installed a video card are probably pretty slim.
  4. uncleel

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    other than that you might have an IRQ conflict.
    control panel> system> device mgr> computer>
    did you check for Yellow (!) any conflicts?
    What irq's your using (they're listed)
  5. JAV

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    1st post: Welcome aboard! :D

    If I set my FSB too high: I lose my on-board sound too. My limit is 72mhz w/my 500 Celeron 66mhz FSB CPU. My board (i810E) has a locked BIOS & when I use CPUCool to OC the FSB: everything is clocked higher & it appears the sound chip can't go that high. :(

    What comp/board do you have? Any 'software' or BIOS oc'ing? Is that a PCI or AGP MX420? What Win system & have you run any diagnostics yet? :cool:

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