Getting Low FPS with New Video Card

By souton
Jan 12, 2005
  1. i recently had a geforce 4200 ti 128mb and played counter-strike with always getting 100+ fps. i just bought a geforce 6800 gt 265mb so i could play doom3 and painkiller better. what gets me is that when i play cs with my new card, my fps drops to around 40 and stays there, and every now and then bumps up to 100+. this is really irritating and makes no sense to me. can anyone help me?
  2. qaturn

    qaturn TS Rookie

    what are your computer specs?
    your video card is only good as the what the computer is running
  3. souton

    souton TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 106

    amd athlon xp 2600+ [2.13ghz qs] 333fsb
    [currently at 1.25ghz and don't know why :confused:]
    430 watt power supply
    msi kt4vl via-kt400 ddr400 w/ 10/100 lan, usb 2.0 + 8x agp
    corsair 1gb ddr-400 pc3200 mhz
    nvidia msi geforce 6800 gt 256mb
    creative lab sound blaster audigy 5.1 x-gamer

    i recently updated my bios.. could the AGP settings have something to do with it? and if so, could you explain what i need to do?
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