GF GTX 460 EVGA SuperClock / MSI cyclone

By wert56boom
Nov 30, 2010
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  1. It's a simple question i have 160€ to buy graphic card, the best i can get for that kind of money is either EVGA gtx 460 786 SC or MSI gtx n460 786/5d Cyclone.

    Which one is better?
    Both cost same, one is 158€ other 160€.

    Which is quieter?
    I can't find accurate info, for EVGA it says max noise 40 db, but at the same time it says it is the quieter of this class. For MSI i found review that says it only produces 31 db at full load.

    How does mini-hdmi/dvi to hdmi work?
    I saw lots of threads on different forums, where people are reporting problems with sound when they connect gtx 460 to TV to watch movies.

    Thnx for help.
  2. wert56boom

    wert56boom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So, i found more information at goru 3d, they tested some of gtx 460 cards and now it is even tougher to decide.

    eVGA is a couple of fps faster than cyclone in most tests, but it doesn't have a voltage raise function if i decide to further oc. Whinch means max overclock is a bit lower compare to Cyclone.

    In the end i may just buy the cheapest palin gtx 460 fot 145€ and overclok it, i am sure i could oc it to 800mhz core and 4000mhz ram.

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