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By maradms4
Jan 23, 2006
  1. Hi all,

    I have a 30GB HDD and wish to copy this using ghost to a 60GB HDD. Both are SCSI. will ghost copy the 30GB drive then 'hide' the remaining 30GB on the new drive? Is there a way to stop it doing this so I have the 30GB copied and a remaining disk space of 30GB?

    Please advise :)
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    Excellent, thanks for the help!
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    If you are going to replace the 30GB drive with the 60GB drive, it seems to me that the easiest way would be to use GHOST to clone the 30GB drive to the 60GB drive. In this way you automatically get a one-to-one copy of the original drive, except you will have more free space since the cloned drive is twice the size of the source drive.

    My personal preference is to use the Ghost Boot Disk to perform the clone in PC DOS. After the cloning is complete, shut the computer off using the power switch. Do not reboot (reset) with both drives in the computer. Remove the 30GB drive and replace it with the newly cloned 60GB drive and reboot. The 60GB drive will be bootable.

    If you reboot after the cloning with both drives installed, XP will recognize the 30GB as the boot drive (C:) and will assign a different drive letter to the 60GB drive and make it unbootable. If you do this, you can still make the 60GB bootable by booting your system to a Win98 Boot Disk (available at with only the 60GB drive installed in the primary (master) position, and running the fdisk /mbr command, remove the diskette and reboot. The 60GB drive will be bootable.
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    hi just a general question about ghost, am i right in understanding that ghost copys ur hard drive perfectly. if this is true it could save me alot of time when i service customers pc's.

    a hopeful pc technician
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    Yes it's a mirror copy, bit by bit. I am not absolutely positive as to MBR but I think it's also copied exactly. Much like UNIX/Linux "dd" utility.
  7. maradms4

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    Excellent advise...Thankyou :)
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