ghost programs???

By paranoid guy
Feb 8, 2006
  1. I recently went into add or remove programs to remove winzip and I saw a program called 944plc32. It was pretty big (over 4,000mb) for an unheard of program and gives support info as publisher: Dell, Version:1.0.0 and Contact: Dell. So, being a paranoid guy I searched dell's support website for this program. It wasn't there. I googled 944plc32, nothing. I'm not sure whether to delete it or just leave it alone. I currently have trojan hunter, asquared and norton security (I'm seeing which is most useful), and none of them have said a thing. Have I just become completely paranoid?
  2. Nodsu

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    Do you happen to have any Dell hardware? Dell 944 printer maybe?

    Don't believe the program sizes the Add-Remove thingie gives you - usually they are way off the mark. (Some genius decided that if the program installer doesn't report the size of the program it installs, then Windows should try to guess. And the guessing algorithm is, mildly put, friggin stupid.)
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    Nice one. That must be it.
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