graphical light issue with GF6800 256mb

By trw
Feb 26, 2006
  1. hello all

    recently I discovered a problem within my graphics card that is annoying and I wish to correct.

    The issue is related to the game 1nsane, I build vehicles for the game and for some reason, my PC displays the lights on them much dimmer then on other PCs.

    this is a pic of a Scout800 4x4 I built, 1 pic from my screen, and 1 from my friends screen, as you can see his lights are far brighter because my PC displays them dimmer, so I crank them up to look normal to me, but then that makes it stupidly bright for others.

    the light glows are sprites by the way, I have changed the settings around as much as I could to the extent of my knowledge and nothing works, so Im out of ideas other then I need new hardware, but this problem only pretains to me and me only, no one else has this issue :confused:

    *edit* and yes I do have the latest drivers

    my hardware is as follows:
    Dell Deminsion 8400
    Geforce 6800 256mb PCIE
    Pentium 4 3.4GHz proc. (with HT)
    1.5GB Ram

    any and all help is appreciated :slurp:
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