Graphics card fan not turning on

By soulgadget
Apr 6, 2012
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  1. Recently i've opened my NZXT tempest case and while i was opening it i forgot there was a side fan (Graphic card i think) and i acidently yanked the connection off after plugging it in the fan wont turn on. Also there are 2 of those "plastic connectors". did i somehow break the fan while acidently pulling it off? Or did i loosen somthing. The graphic card is a AMD HD 6870.
  2. Marnomancer

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    Hello, soulgadget.
    Those "plastic connectors" are called 'molex connectors'. And you haven't made it totally clear whether you yanked off your add-on GPU's connector (which should be connected to the mobo) or your side-fan's connector. I personally have never seen a GPU having it's fan on the side of the case :confused:
    A photo would be helpful. I don't want to speculate anything, in case it ends up damaging your machine further.
  3. soulgadget

    soulgadget TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, The info i have now is the fan is a MassCool Sleeve Bearing Fan. While i was sliding the side of my case off i acidentlly yanked it and the Molex Connecters came off, so i replugged it in and now the fan is not spinning. The Wires from the molex connecters are connected to the motherboard. Sry, thats the info i can give u as of now b/c im no computer expert -_-"
  4. Marnomancer

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    If the fan is located on the side of the case, that's a chassis fan you are talking about. If it's on the GPU...hard luck.
    Could be one of the pins on the molex connectors is out of place, and not in full contact with its counterpart. check whether all the pins are in good contact. If any pin is out, just push it in a bit into its place. Not too hard though.
    Good luck!

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