Half-life 2 launcher dll - fix

By grAPH
Jan 21, 2005
  1. I couldnt help but notice how many people have posted about this problem and how many bogus fixes there have been. well, i assure you, i have found the way and this is no "bogus" fix, well at least it worked for us! :grinthumb. Anyways lets get on with it:

    Step 1:
    Go to your SteamApps folder and find your half-life 2 folder and copy it to any dir.
    Step 2:
    Go back to your SteamApps folder and delete the entire half-life 2 folder.
    Step 3.
    Re-install steam and re-download half-life 2
    Step 4.
    Restart Steam and go to "play games" and launch half-life 2
    Step 5:
    Play the game.


    If you get an even worse problem than the original problem dont hesitate to cut and paste your backup.
    If this fails and you get the same problem see Cattivo071's fix and apply it to my fix, this combinatioin also works.

    Cattivo071's Fix: See Attachments

    Also if you would like to join my group [grAPH] please email me: grAPH04@gmail
    Also if you join my group you may be given a free gmail invite with 1GB free storage so join today!
    I accept no responsability for anything anybody does to their pc,health or anyhthing else for that matter whilst performing this fix
    PS: the disclaimer DOESNT mean that this is going to harm anyone/anything in any way, its just so we can sleep an night -grAPH
    P.S.P.S. Please reply to this thread once you have tried out this fix, thanks -grAPH

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