Handycam to tevision xpert tv7134

By bograt
Jun 1, 2005
  1. Ok need help desperatly

    I just baught a tv7134 card so I can copy camcorder tapes over to my pc I have a tv audio adapter that I conected to the antena socket on the card, thinking I may be able to just run the tv program and pick up the signal but it didn't work. So my question is how do I conect the camcorder to the pc it dosn't have usb or fire wire just audio video conector.

    I am desperate to copy the tapes over.

    Can anyone help.
  2. bograt

    bograt TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh now come on it aint a hard question for some of you guys to answer.

    I've posted the same question on a number of forums where this topic has been discussed but not specificaly to my spcifications and I am still waiting for a reply. . I have the manual for the card but it only tells you how to use the softwear and dosn't say what stuff is needed to do the video capture.

    I have some tapes of my late mother & father inlaws which I want to transfare to DVD as the tape is starting to deteriorate and it is the only videod memory my wife has of her parents.

    Can anyone give a little advice please
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