Hard disk drive not being detected by the laptop

  1. Hi all.

    My laptop was working fine with a new replaced motherboard. Suddenly one day it showed some problem in processing further when I started it. When checked by a local service guy, it was diagnosed that the hard disk had got damaged. He couldn't exactly specify the problem but we got to know that the hard disk was not being detected by the laptop, or any other PC or laptop.
    Now when we connect the hard disk with any system/laptop it gives a little sound of the fan or the motor (or whatever) running but then it stops.

    It is a Samsung make, 160 GB one.

    One guy has said that he will try changing the PCB and it may work. I jus want to know if it can be repaired and more than that I have my sister's wedding pics and videos in that with no back up. Is there any means by which I can recover those files, I don't want anything else.
    Please help, I am in trauma.
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    It is most likely dead, and you'll want to find a recovery service provider, which by the way, are usually quite expensive.
  3. piyushunnithan

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    Thanks HK,
    Do you have any idea about any data recovery companies in India, or abroad. I e-mailed Seagate people, they said there charges may range from 34,000 to 100,800 in Indian currency, which is quite expensive.

    Can you or anyone guide me in keeping the hard drive properly. I read somehting about keeoing it safe in a hygienic place in a cover or something,,,, pls clarify...

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