Hard drive causing hang-up

By Rhett Allen
Jan 15, 2009
  1. Windows XP-64 SP 2
    8 gb ddr2 ram
    2 - 2.8 ghz xeons
    WD Raptor hard drive
    Hitachi hard drive

    I had just installed my new hitachi 500 gb hard drive and transferred lots of files onto it that was spillover from some externals that were full. No OS installed. All was fine and the installation of a new hard drive may not mean anything to the rest.

    So I bring my computer back from sleep (not really sleep I don't think, but a low power state of some sort) a few days after installing the hitachi and the hourglass goes on and it's acting so slow then not really responding at all. So naturally I restart my computer only to get the message (paraphrased) "no OS found". However in POST both hard drives were "seen". I assume after coming back from sleep it was just running on what was in RAM.

    So dang... I figure it's messed up physically but hopefully it's a logical reason. I put in my XP-64 cd to try and repair the OS. It loads up all the drivers and when it says "windows is preparing setup" it hangs there and doesn't continue further.

    I unplug the drive with the OS and boot from the XP CD again. This time it works fine... but of course that doesn't help me. So I pulled out an older drive and installed XP to it with the original hard drive unplugged.

    I got XP on it fine and shut off the computer, replugged-in the problem drive and now it hangs on the normal windows XP start-up for a very long time. However it finally went through and has a "new hardware" "hard drive" thing pop-up at the bottom right but it doesn't seem to do anything. It hangs there for a while then just goes away.

    Any suggestions? Am I screwed?

    thank you for reading
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