Hard drive is not detected by BIOS

By basman
Aug 26, 2011
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  1. Hi everybody, i'm from Holland, so cut me some slack on my English! :p

    Today i desided to turn my old pc into a Nas, with freenas software.
    I thought i'd buy 2 2tb samsung hd204ui drives to get myself started, but however. I never got passed the first step. The bios does not recognize my disks. Only my cdrom drive as primary slave... I get the following message:

    VIA Technologies, Inc VIA VT8237 Serial ATA RAID BIOS Setting Utility V2.01
    Hardware Initiate failed, Please Check Device!!! The Bios does not be ... bla bla.

    Scan Devices, Please wait....
    Press <Tab> key into user window!

    [it sort of hangs for a moment, when i get the message written below:]

    Hardware initiate failed, Please check device!!!
    The BIOS does not be installed. Press <g> to continue!

    [when i press g i immediately press dell to get in the bios, to find out it can't recognize the disks.]

    Are the disks to new to work with the motherboard. this computer is about 5 to six years old, the motherboard has two sata plugs on it. and a 64 amd chip.

    Must i use a jumper? On the disks?

    Ive spent the entire night searching for the answer, but cant seem to find it.
    I realy hope i gave you guys enough information to help me out. If not, please reply.

    Thanks in advance.
    Awaiting your feedback!

    kind regards
  2. 2fargon

    2fargon TS Rookie


    :wave:Hi there,

    You haven't actually said what make/model your old computer is. Neither the board in use.

  3. Cookie90

    Cookie90 TS Rookie

    I had an issue along time ago when XP didn't support SATA natively and therefore additional drivers had to be installed. Possibly the same issue depending on setup?

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