Hard drive issue?

By Reignstarz
Nov 6, 2008
  1. I moved my Harddrive from my AMD tower to my gfs Pentium tower.
    When the HD was in the pentium tower it installed a bunch of drivers(Video, Sm bus etc).

    Now I go to move my HD back to my amd tower and the weirdest thing happens. Right before windows starts(When you can login) I get a bsod. The windows logo shows and everything.

    I was reading on the web that it could be Ram and video. Well I took my video card out and used onboard, And then I took out a few ram sticks(I have 4 gigs) and nothing happened.

    I can boot in Safemode, I tried disabling all of the services in msconfig along with startup programs.

    I cant seem to find the problem. I Realy think it's a driver that I need to uninstall or what not.

    But I heard it is motherboard problems. IF I put the harddrive in the pentium case and it auto installs everything needed to boot the harddrive in the pentium case. Why doesnt it do it for the amd case?

    Ive also loaded fail safe bios. And help would be so much appreciated so I Dont have to reinstall windows.
  2. kimsland

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  3. Reignstarz

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    Thank you I will def try this out.
  4. kimsland

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    Let us know how it all goes
    Oh and I need to change my keyboard, I keep losing letters when I type (edited above) But you know how you get use to the same keyboard :eek:
  5. Reignstarz

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    I tried the repair. setup copied the files over and then restarted. But after the restart I didnt go back to the cd I let windows load(that's what it said to do) then I got another bsod. =/. It cant be any hardware I have in my pc because I had all this hardware in there before I put it into the pentium computer..

    Anymore advice?

    Thanks for the help.
  6. JudaZ

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    Go inte safe-mode and remove the chipset drivers, then it might work.

    you are after all lucky enough to get into windows still :)

    It's most likely that when you moved the harddrive (and then also you windows installation) from one motherboard to another, windows found the correct chipset drivers for the pentium based motherboard and installed them.
    (Replacing your chipset drivers for the amd board)

    Now when you move the harddrive back to the AMD based motherboard the chipsset drivers are wrong and windows cant boot correctly.
    Windows does not have the chipset drivers for this particular motherboard and there for used the installed ones, wich are wrong of course, and fails.

    If you are able to remove the chipset drivers, then windows should be able to find them again, and with some small luck , you will be able to save yourself a reinstall of windows
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