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By LinkedKube
May 15, 2007
  1. I'm looking for the fastest hard drives I can get right now for games, in the price range of 200-300 usd a piece. thx for your input.
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    This is kind of one of those questions that if you don't know the answer to it already then perhaps you don't need it. For you to not know what are the fastest and also have a price range outlined seems like a waste of money.

    Just get a couple WD Raptors and RAID them up.
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    well I was planning to do a raid 0 format when I got two identicle drives, but I'm reading mixed reviews. Some saying 7200rpm's are faster in raid, and others the 10k raptors. Also reading that smaller drives has lower seek time that larger ones. I'm keeping my current 300gb maxtor drive. I just want to get two new drives strickly for games.
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