Have XP Pro COA on laptop, but no disk, how to re-install?

By cdici
Aug 19, 2005
  1. I bought a used laptop with (OEM) XP Pro factory installed. It did not come with the recovery disks. The hard drive died. I bought a new drive and installed it. I have the product key on the COA on the bottom of the laptop. Can I get a copy of XP Pro (either downloaded or CD) that will accept my product key? If so where? Could I download a copy via P2P and insert or change the product key to my own with Key reader/changer software I see advertised?

    Microsoft will not do anything because it is an OEM copy they say ANY problems must be handled by Gateway. Gateway says they do not store previously supplied product codes, replace disks,or supply new key codes.
  2. Liquidlen

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    A lot will depend upon the Manufacturer's policy.
    If the purchaser was legit and you can prove your ownership you might be able to buy a Re-install disk from Them.
    A download copy might not have some of the proprietary files needed to load and the licence you have most likely will not be accepted since it is bound to the Laptop.
    If all else fails you may have to buy a new CD and download all necessary files from the Manufacturer to re-install.
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    I dont know about you but, a lot of the companys allow you to create Setup disks for windows and all your bonus software ("I know this is true for Sony") instead of giving you the setup disks. Next time you get pre-installed software check to see if there is a way to create the setup disks. Anyway just some food for though. You maybe able to contact the manufacturer As previously stated for a small fee but, you will need to show proof of ownership COA's should suffice.


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