Having laptop issues...maybe system board?

By ziddy83
Dec 13, 2004
  1. hi,
    Im new around sorry if i posted in the wrong area. But here's the story, i bought a laptop about 6 months ago. Its been working just fine. Then 3 weeks ago..all of a sudden, i turn it on, and i get to the login screen, and i start seeing lines across it and then it flickers. Im unable to do anything, i cant reboot, cant move the mouse, cant even put the computer in hybernation mode. I have to wait for the battery to die for it to shut off. I tried a few other times and i got the same results. So after calling HP a million times, i sent it in, and today i got it back. on the invoice it says 'repaired', but then when i turn it on, its still doing the same stuff. im pretty ticked off at em, so im about to call em up and chew em out. does anyone know what could be causing this? If its something i can do myself, ill do that instead of sending it back again and going through the pain in the *****. Thanks
  2. hu_nr

    hu_nr TS Rookie

    Try a test first.

    Do you have a desktop? If so, plug your desktop monitor into your laptop and then turn it on. If it works fine then it is your laptop monitor. Some people that I went to college with had the same problem as you have, only got lines showing on the monitor (but their's happened after their warranty ran out). The IT department at our school told them it was the monitor. Usually some could get it working if they pressed the sides of the laptop monitor. Just an idea, but I would definitely try the test first and see what you get. If it works send it back and tell them you want a new laptop or a refund. At this point I wouldn't even want them to replace the monitor.

    Hope this helps.

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