Having problem with my CPU

By monster625
Jan 1, 2012
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  1. I have Gigabyte Ga-m61pmeSp2 Motherboard and amd phenom x3 8650. I know it old. I had this over 2 year. recently, whenever i used it for a awhile my screen would freeze or turn back for a few second then start working fine with a message saying your AMD drive has failed but has recovered. At first i thought it was my video card so i was like whatever i was going upgrade it anyways. Now i realized it was my Mobo or my CPU. My computer computer freeze, ctrl/alt/det won't work i have to reset my computer. When i reset my computer it wont turn on. It power on but completely black screen. So i had to reset cmos now it seem to work fine but i turn it off. Any one know what could be the problem? Im guess CPU overheating? Im going to buy some silver 5 tomorrow and put some on..
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    There are utilities that will monitor your GPU and CPU temperatures. That utility will probably monitor both of them for you.

    I cleaned out my HD5870 today and my temps are much lower now and my video card has quit freezing in games. My card idles 4 degrees lower and is 10-15 degrees lower while playing games.

    You may not need to change the thermal paste for your CPU; all you may have to do is clean the heatsink of all the dust that has collected over the years.

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