Having some memory problems

By Malitah
Feb 20, 2010
  1. I've been getting Blue Screens quite a bit here recently, and I figured out that it was the fault of my new RAM. I ran MemTest, and confirmed it. And I BELIEVE I found the bad stick, but I'm not sure. What I did was this:
    Mem Specs: 4 2GB sticks, both pairs ran in Dual channel

    #1 and 2 are paired
    #3 and 4 are paired

    I ran memtest with all 4 in, and got errors on Test 6 (if that matters)
    I then removed stick #4 and still got the errors, so I decided #4 was good
    I removed stick #3, and got less errors, so I thought maybe that one was bad
    I removed stick #2, and got the same number of errors as the previous test, which led me to believe sticks 1 and 3 were bad

    So I put stick #2 in slot 1, and it tested good
    I then put stick #4 in slot 2, and they tested good
    I then put stick #3 (the first one I thought was bad) in slot 3 and tested it all night, they tested good
    I put stick #1 into slot 4, and then I got errors again

    My conclusion is that stick #1 is obviously bad, but I don't know about #3. When I took it out the first time, I got less I'm confused.

    Does anyone know what's up? I have my original Memtest results if that would help
  2. Route44

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    I understand your issue because earlier this week I had four sticks and three were found corrupted. Can you say RMA?

    Anyway, if you get any errors you have corrupted memory. The rule with Memtest is a minimum of 7 Passes unless errors come sooner.

    When I ran all four sticks together I was getting errors in the first and second Pass. But individually I wasn't getting any errors until Passes 7 and 8. So...

    Just place one stick in slot 1 and run memtest. If you get errors before Pass 7 then it is bad and move on to the next one and place it in slot 1 and run the test on it and so on. But whatever you do be patient and allow the test to work.
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