Having winxp & win98 bootable drive - can I ???

By lakeplacidblue
Jan 21, 2005
  1. I just purchased a 120gb HD - and was wondering if I can leave a small partition (10gb) as Fat 32 and install win98 or win ME on there ( I have a few software programs that I still need to use which aren't xp compatible)

    and then have the remaining larger partition NTFS for my Xp home OS.

    what would be the procedure to create this ?? (if indeed possible)

    also why do I lose 9gb on the 120gb drive ??
    It only formats to something like 111gb total.

    I'm not that technically minded in this kinda stuff - just enuff to get me by.

    any help would be very gratefully accepted.

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    Some 5-6GBs are used by HD-system-files. The rest is because not everybody describes the disk-size correctly.
    Some use 1KB=1000 bytes, others the correct one: 1KB=1024 bytes.
    Apply this to MB and GB, and you see why.

    120GB/1000-value is still 120GB (and looks better in the brochures)
    120GB/1024-value is only 117GB
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