HDD sound diagnosis

By xcylent
Sep 9, 2012
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  1. Hey all, so I recently stumbled across this very useful site, which has audio tracks of a lot of noises which come from a HDD. These noises are the sounds a failing drive will often make.
    so, take a listen to some track(s) of your specific drive(s) on the site, then pop open your computer and see if it's making a similar noise.
    If it is, back up all your important data, for the end is nigh.
    Hope this will help some of you!

    Here is the site:
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  2. alexe3831

    alexe3831 TS Enthusiast Posts: 29

    Thanks for posting this XCYLENT, this is an excellent resource. As for backing up items, I recommend a regular scheduled backup of any crucial files at least every 2 weeks. Just in case :)

  3. Zoltan Head

    Zoltan Head TS Booster Posts: 247   +27

    Totally agree with that advice, and thanks for the HDD sounds, xcylent. (y)
  4. xcylent

    xcylent TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 231   +17

    You are very much welcome :) I hope this helps a lot of people.

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