Heated PC "Operating System Not Found"

By greenfrog
Nov 29, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Just today my father wanted to sync his computer to his TV when something went wrong. We had a cable for syncing PC with TV and both of them had that output so their were no problem connecting the cable. But then we didn't find the computer screen on the TV so after a while we waited and then it started smell burn. My father took of the cables from both endes and shut off the PC but the fan continued running. After like 10 minutes we started the computer again and it became all black and it said something about "Operating System Not Found".

    What can we do to fix this? Quick reply pls
  2. fw2004

    fw2004 TS Enthusiast Posts: 150

    Not sure what happened, but something obviously burned up on the PC.
    Was the cable specifically designed for syncing the TV with the PC?
    What sort of TV is this? I am assuming it is a PC itself, and can connect to the internet.

    This is a shot in the dark, but I have an idea:
    There is a wiring problem with the outlet to which the TV is connected, and this caused current to flow between the TV and the PC, which in turn burned out your motherboard, hard, drive, or both.

    Do you ever get a shock from the TV when you are connecting / disconnecting cables (cable, satellite, etc)?

    Again; this is just a hunch, because I have a lot of experience with wiring and electricity, and have encountered some very strange stuff that causes TV and PC to burn up.

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