hello everyone, an old guy needs advice!

By hulme
Mar 6, 2007
  1. be kind please! i am 55, somewhat computer literate. i am also a huge and longtime sportscar racing fan. i have been reading about the ner gtr and gt legends sims, and i really want to get a good computer and wheel to drive on them. i have been looking at a cyberpower systerm with an intel e6600 dual core processor, 7950 gt 512 video card, 500 watts power, and 1 gig ram, and 320 hardrive. now, ive stated the numbers, but i really dont know much about their meanings. can someone take a quick glance at these and tell me if they will work the racing sims and work together as a unit? i will also surf the net with the computer and burn a few cd's. if i need an upgrade somewhere please let me know. it's a bit scary when your ready to drop a good sum of money on a computer so i want to do my best to get it right! thanks again everyone.
  2. mailpup

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    Surfing, viewing DVDs or burning same (and CDs) are no problem. Even my old Dell Windows 98SE machine can do that. Gaming will be the most demanding on your system unless you are into heavy CAD work. The specifications you listed will be more than adequate for most games including the racing games you mentioned.
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