help board gone wrong

By jeffers
May 23, 2006
  1. hi i just swapped a pc in to a new tower board is a m848a ver 2.1.
    everything was fine last night although i was short a couple of power sockets for the case fans.
    got the adaptors this morning plugged them in and all i got was a long continuous beep unplugged them in case they were draining power, still beeping.
    Unplugged everything exept ram and graphics card, still beeping .
    Cleared the cmos jumper and reset no beeping but will not boot ??????????? Any help would be greatly appreciated

    hi again the chip is a amd 2200+
    the psu is a kobian 280 w
    hdd 200gig ata
    ram 512 crucial 184 pin 333
    graphics card nvidia 32 mb
    all was working untill this morning
    i put 2 case fans with led in to a 3 pin power splitter to attach both to the mother board
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