Help format/ reinstall xp?

By moosep85
Feb 25, 2006
  1. hi, could someone please let me know how to format my drive and reinstall xp, the reason i think i need to do this is bcos when i start my laptop, it boots up, gets to the desktop screen, but there are no items on the screen ie my computer, my docs etc, the mouse works, but nothing else, it works in safe mode, i don't know what is wrong with it and would like some advice, any help would be greatly appreciated. i am fairly new to all this, but would love to learn

    many thanks moosep85
  2. Jimbo420

    Jimbo420 TS Rookie Posts: 356

    Well if you are looking to reinstall windows first thing you need is your windows disk in the drive. When you boot the computer you will need to go into the Bios set up. Now every Bios is different but you need to go in there and find where it talks about the Boot Sequence. Most computer by default are set up as Floppy and then the HDD. I would change it to either CD, Floppy, HDD or Floppy, CD, HDD. Save the changes and then reboot. When the computer comes back on this time it should read the disk and take you into windows set up. Read carfully and you should be able to go from there to format the drive and get windows all reinstalled on there.

    Once you do it the first time it isn't nearly as scary. I for one got more confident in messing with settings on my comptuer afterwards because I knew that if I messed anything up too badly all I needed to do was reinstall and fix the problem. Although you do want to make sure you have all of your important Data backed up before you start doing too much of that. :)
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