Help identifying motherboard

By jedd
Jun 28, 2010
  1. Hi
    I'm trying to upgrade my pentel 4 cpu 2.93ghz.
    My motherboard is First International
    PTM661GX/FX-AA 1.1
    Serial Number: K30245F54903687
    Bus Clock: 133 megahertz

    I have checked their site for compatibilty but they have no Mobo of that identity.
    Have run serveral programmes but all identify it as this.

    Does anyone recognize this board or have any suggestions?

  2. pjamme

    pjamme TS Enthusiast Posts: 208

    If you Google: PTM661GX/FX-AA, it says it is a Packard Bell.
    There hasn't been much support for them in this country for some time, you may still find something at the Canadian Packard Bell site.
  3. jedd

    jedd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks pjamme
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