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By Acquiesce
Aug 13, 2006
  1. Hi guys i know you'll all laugh at me for this but im having problems setting up my sons xbox360 online, i have an old pc with broadband usb box that i currently use to get online, the xbox360 has an earthnet cable that is ment to connect to an earthnet connection on my pc but i cant seem to find one. does mean i have to buy a new usb modem if there is such a thing or a new pc or should i buy a wireless router and connect via a wire free adapter...... So many options but which is the best ?????
  2. #Curtis

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    I have a Modem, Router and Wireless adapter in one, it allows me to plug my phoneline into box then create a network using it aswell so the internet is always on on any computer, it is a lot better when my friends come round and hook up their 360s for Online play. You should check to see if you package support alternative modem, it should do. Then you get your connection settings from your ISP and configure your modem/router, i suggest getting them all in one because they are much simpler and allow you to have an always on connection, so if your computer isnt on the xBox will still connect.

    Also if your PC does not have a ethernet port you would have to buy one, then get a crossover cable and plug that into the xbox, but the xBox could only play online if the PC was on the internet. Get a modem/router in one is much simpler :) There are many good ones out there, but i would personally recommend you steer away from Linksys.

    And why would we laugh? Everyones here to learn or contribute or both :)
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