Help setting up internet sharing on ad hoc wireless network

By PhoenixA
May 24, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I set up an ad hoc wireless network between my pc and laptop a couple of days ago. The network works fine and the shared files can be accessed but i can't get the internet sharing to work. Both pc's are running on XP, i did have internet sharing working fine until i changed my broadband router and although I've set it up with the same settings as the old one when i click on internet explorer on my laptop it gives the usual page cannot be displayed error? I've read through lots of posts but still can't get it to work. The ip address on the laptop is and the ip of the pc is I read that these should be the same but if i manually change the ip on my laptop to the network connection fails so i'm not sure what else to do. Both are set to obtain ip automatically, the internet connection is set to be shared on the pc and firewalls are turned off.
    Help would be greatly appreciated as my partner needs internet access to work on the laptop asap.

  2. PhoenixA

    PhoenixA TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can anyone help? This should be pretty easy for some of you but i don't have much experience so i really need some help. Its really urgent for me to get this done asap.

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