Help: Win7 64 Random BSOD; Not Hardware?

By Jasper101
Jan 17, 2010
  1. Hi all!

    I have been running my pc on win7 32 RC1 and decided it was time to buy the retail version. I bought Windows 7 64 Home Premium. I was also given a Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 120Gb SATA hard drive, so I decided I would install it on that instead of my older IDE HD's. This is my first time using SATA.

    I have installed my new hard drive and loaded windows 7 on it fine. However, after around 10 minutes the computer will get a random BSOD and restart. I have seen these errors so far - 0x000000: 1e, 44, 3b, f4, 4e, 1a, 24, and 50.

    I triple boot this system with OSX10.5, RC1 32 win7, and now win7 64. Both of my other OS's are on separate IDE harddrives and both of these systems can read/write on the new Sata hd fine. That to me means I do not have any hardware problems. The only difference between Win7RC1 and Win7 HomePrem is that Homeprem in on a SATA HD and 64 bit. I have updated my bios and tried to get the most recent 64 bit drivers available.

    In order to get my new Sata/64bit system working I had to add new ram (I know its good; ran memtest and it works fine with RC1/osx) and change my powerpack (it works fine with my IDE HD's).

    Here is the most recent error I received:

    I went ahead and looked in the event viewer and here are the events that stood out to me.

    I have attached my most recent system dump files and my event log file (.evtx?). Thanks in advance!

    Oh, Here are my system specs:
    CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6300
    Mobo: ECS pt890t-a
    Mem: 3Gb DDR2 533Mhz
    Video: PNY GeForce 6600 PCIe 256MB
    HDD: 2: 80gb IDE, 1: Seagate Barracuda 7200 120Gb
    Sound: Onboard
    OS: OSX:10.5, Win7 RC1, Win 64 7

    Attached Files:

  2. DjKraid

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  3. Jasper101

    Jasper101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just tested this. When I boot win7 64 in safe mode I do not get a BSOD, so that confirms that this is a software/driver problem. Any suggestions?

    I did follow these steps

    However, Is still get a BSOD even with all non-microsoft services disabled.. I have updated my mini-dump attachment with my 6 latest dumps. If any one has any idea of what I should do next let me know. I am clueless. :(
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