Help with a heat sink issue

By BillAllen55
Jun 26, 2008
  1. When replacing a heat sink fan, I inadvertenly broke one of the plastic hold down clips which are attached to the cpu plug slot (on the mobo) I've read there are heat sink fans available which screw or bolt into the Mobo. The heat sink fan is hanging by one hold down click - seems to be cooling the CPU but am unsure if it is as effective as it could be. The specifics of the mobo and cpu are availabe at my profile. Would appreciate any advice as to how I might move forward with this mb, or should I pay my last respects?
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  3. BillAllen55

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    The heat sink fan socket is not where the damage occurred. The break was at the point of the 'basket' ON the mb.(around the cpu) When installing the new heatsink the hold down square broke on the point of the mb.(hold down brackets) I am wondering if there is a repair such that the basket about the cpu itself may be replaced? I apologize for not communicating my problem more clearly.
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    Can you remove the CPU frame? If you can, some 3rd party 478 CPU coolers may bolt directly into the holes left by the old frame. I suspect that even a socket 775 HSF may fit
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    Damage was done while installing new heat sink.

    I broke the bracket while installing a new heat sink. The corresponding bracket is connected and am currently using the computer with apparently no ill effects. I'm wondering if the adage 'don't fix something that is not broken' applies?
    Your thoughts?
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    I guess if vibration or bumping the case doesn't loosen the heatsink, you should be fine
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    Processor requires a 478 intel socket retention bracket replaced

    As the title suggests I need to install a new retention bracket to enable the heat sink and fan to sit securely on top of the CPU.

    I've have learned that one may press out the old broken retention bracket and to press fit a new bracket in its place. (that much I know)
    What I am unsure of is this:
    When removing the mother board, I'm understanding ther are screws to undo and sockets to account for to ensure the mother board is free and clear. I'm wondering if there are other issues to concern myself with while removing the mother board to enable me to install the new CPU retention bracket sucessfully?

    All directions make it sound very easy, like so many things I'm assuming there are pitfalls I may want to consider - has anyone had experience with this type of thing - that being of course breaking a CPU heat sink fan retention bracket while installing a new heat sink and fan?

    Thanks for allowing me to bare my soul and computer challenged mind to one and all. :)

    Your thoughts?
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    The motherboard is held in place by screws going through the motherboard into brass standoffs. The plastic 478 retention bracket might be held in place by screws or by plastic pins. As I said in a previous post, the Intel 775 processor HSF's are held in place by plastic pins or on better 3rd party HSF's they are secured by 4 spring loaded metal screws, screwed into a metal back plate on the underside of the motherboard. Don't forget to clean off any old heatsink thermal paste qand apply a sparing amount of new paste between the CPU and it's heatsink/fan
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