Help with connecting to VNC though the internet

By Dell310!
Apr 28, 2009
  1. I have the 2701HG-B router and i cant get VNC over the internet to work.. I tried to access my computer at school and it gave me a weird error...

    can anyone help me get this running?
  2. account73

    account73 TS Rookie Posts: 36

    You would need set port fowarding up on your home router if you havent so already.
    Make sure the VNC server and Viewer software are using the same port.
    Since your trying from a school it could be that the school are blocking the access.
    Theres lots of possiblitys..
    What's this werid error message you are getting?
  3. Dell310!

    Dell310! TS Rookie Topic Starter

    TCP site not found? Something like that and im trying to access my pc using firefox instead of that viewer program.. and already port forwarded...
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