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Help with Dell Latitude D620 Password or Shorting Method

By wtf69wtf ยท 121 replies
Jun 16, 2007
  1. cybertrack

    cybertrack TS Rookie

    WOW!! It unlocked, Predator25, you're the best, my endless thanks and gratitude for helping me out. Again, many thanks, thank you, thank thank you.
  2. bellis

    bellis TS Rookie


    Do you think you could help me with my issue?

  3. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    bellis, yes. remind me your hdd serial EXACTLY how it looks in your laptop password input screen.
  4. bellis

    bellis TS Rookie

    It is not the HD password. It is the BIOS password.

    Inspiron B120
    ST: 2QRJD81-595B
    ESC: 5971938481

  5. rvandaalen

    rvandaalen TS Rookie


    Bought my laptop second hand from the internet, but I also have a grey screen.
    If I understand it correctly this is the place to, maybe get some help. Sp really really hope someone can help me out. It would be amazing! I have the following model:
    Dell Latitude d620 with Service tag: #4CH503J-595B

    Thanks in advance!
    and greets from Holland
  6. kennethsimmons0

    kennethsimmons0 TS Rookie


    Help I HAVE A Dell Lat. D620

    SER. TAG. 86J1MB1-595B

  7. bellis

    bellis TS Rookie

    Bump and Notification Type Change
  8. kennethsimmons0

    kennethsimmons0 TS Rookie

    You are Right

    You are Right it is the Bios Password not the Hard drive Password can You Help.
  9. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    look guys, when you asking me about help with BIOS password, you should know, that i'm doing it not for free. but as for HDD passwords - you're always welcome :)
  10. eghawi

    eghawi TS Rookie

    I need help to unlock a dell latitude d620
    Service Tag 42WWNB1-595B
    Please help me...
  11. CubanMissile

    CubanMissile TS Rookie

    Need help with an HDD password for a Latitude D610.

    HDD #T26T5A2S25S-595B

    I'm still unclear if anything can be done about HDD passwords or if I also have to deal with a separate BIOS password. It won't let me into setup or let me change the boot order without locking me out with the HDD password so I'm not sure if there is also a BIOS password I will need. Just in case:

    ST: JGCKP81
    ESC: 4234744401
  12. lamo

    lamo TS Rookie

    cubanmissile, for your locked hdd try this one: xwt5n7pf
  13. CubanMissile

    CubanMissile TS Rookie

    Worked like a charm. You're awesome, thanks.
  14. jswanase

    jswanase TS Rookie

    Dell Inspirion b120

    Thanks in advance

    Service Tag 9YSDD81
    ESC 21694543921
  15. LockeXT

    LockeXT TS Rookie

    Another D620 595B locked

    Hello, I've just come across a Latitude D620 that belongs to one of my clients, and it is locked with the service tag F7NVXC1-595B, and I can't seem to find any instructions on possible methods to clear the password. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Popculture

    Popculture TS Rookie

    Looking for help with d620 password

    Looks like I'm not the only one who got a locked d620 off ebay so any help would be appreciated the service code is JYSKRC1-595B. Thanks in advance.
  17. castild

    castild TS Rookie

    Please help

    latitude D620 gray screend password ST # 88BB2C1-595B TANKS
  18. hikosj

    hikosj TS Rookie

    Hi all I need a master password fro a latitude D800 or If someone could tell me where can I find teh eeprom chip on this mobo. I open the laptop but I found several of this chips and none seem to have the 24c02 label.

    servitag: #25V4Q31-595B
  19. Pini2211

    Pini2211 TS Rookie

    Hi rustam, can you help me please, i need the pass for a d620

    Service tag GKQYQB1
    E S C: 36083131309

    Please send me a pm or a email to email removed
  20. mrwizard

    mrwizard TS Rookie

    can you help w/ cheap online grabs

    2 dell d620's

    thanks if u can

  21. davidalfonso82

    davidalfonso82 TS Rookie

    Can you help me!!!

    Hi, I got the Grey Screen problem on my Latitude D620 laptop, I don't wanna wait to Dell, can you help me?
    My Service Tag is: 5JD5MB1
    My Express Service Code is: 12054866221
  22. hikosj

    hikosj TS Rookie


    just short it.
  23. davidalfonso82

    davidalfonso82 TS Rookie

    Short it? What?

    What do you mean? Explain me!
  24. hikosj

    hikosj TS Rookie

    take a look at this:

    I found this while I was doing research for mine. its for a d610 the chip however could maight be on a diffrent location for the d620

    you can find out by doing a little bit of research it might take a while but dont give up. keep asking on the forums there are people that know the locations of this pins. or like I said keep researching.
  25. who_cares

    who_cares TS Rookie

    serial is


    Thanks in advange
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