Help with media centre PC problem

By ab38438
Oct 19, 2009
  1. I have a sony vaio media centre PC
    This comes with an HDMI link for a TV but not a vga output
    My hard disk basically beacme totally corrupted
    I wanted to rebuild but this option was not available as it was on the hard disk partition
    I now have the rebuild Cd's but when I run them I can see no screen output so have not got a scooby doo what is happening
    I cannot get to the bios again possibly due to the failure to initiate the HDMI
    I am certain the the HDMI hardware is fine (confirmed prior to final failure of HD)
    I put my HD into another machine and totally reformatted it
    I am stuck but considering putting my HD back into another machine and trying to load my os / rebuild cd using that (although there is a chance this won't work as the other machine is not Sony and they may have vendor specific checks)

    This is the downside of a true media centre PC !!

    any ideas very welcome.
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